The Blind Watchmaker, by Richard Dawkins

An amazing review on Dawkins’ book – and his extension those interested who might be confronted with meticulous reasoning, leavened by inspiring riffs upon metaphor which has always been his brand. The book sets out to prove that the existence of all known biological structures and behaviours using the scientific method starting with basic physical laws and principles in totting up random mutation and natural selection… specially that the explanation does not require exclusive design…

“The basic idea of The Blind Watchmaker is that we don’t need to postulate a designer in order to understand life, or anything else in the universe.” (p. 147)

Philo on Books

The Blind Watchmaker

The Blind Watchmaker is a book about evolution, but not as much about the evolution/creationism conflict as one might expect. I kind of like that. I’ve read quite a few articles and books by scientists directly debating and debunking creationism, and absolutely there’s a place for that, but what’s pleasing about this book by Dawkins is that it’s more of a positive explanation and defense and appreciation of evolution, than an attack on creationism. It’s a celebration of science rather than an attack on anti-science.

Creationism is addressed explicitly here and there in passing, and of course much of what’s said in favor of evolution implicitly counters creationism, but the refutation of creationism is mostly a byproduct of the discussion of evolution, not its primary purpose. (Just as he implicitly and explicitly distinguishes his position from Lamarckism, certain interpretations of punctuated equilibrium, and other positions in the course of his…

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